Thursday, 22 December 2022

King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands - Christmas Speech (2013-Present)

Photo: RVD, Bart Maat
2022 Speech

King Willem-Alexander gives a pre-recorded speech every Christmas. The speech airs on Christmas Day at 1 PM. 

The Speech is usually recorded at the King's Home. The King lived at Villa Eikenhorst from the beginning of his reign to January 2019, when he moved into Huis ten Bosch Palace. As the family was getting ready to move shortly after, the King's 2018 speech was recorded at Noordeinde Palace, where he had his office.

YearVideo DutchText DutchEnglish Translation Location
2022VideoTextNL TimesDNA Salon
Huis ten Bosch Palace
2021VideoTextNL TimesEntrance Hall
Huis ten Bosch Palace
2020VideoTextNL TimesChina Room
Huis ten Bosch Palace
2019VideoTextNL TimesEntrance Hall
Huis ten Bosch Palace
2018VideoTextNL TimesLibrary
Noordeinde Palace
2017VideoTextGert's Royals"Yellow Room"
Villa Eikenhorst
2016VideoTextGert's Royals
2015VideoTextGert's Royals
2013VideoTextPalaceVilla Eikenhorst

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