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Sarah, Duchess of York's Patronages

Sarah, Duchess of York hasn't been a member of the Royal Family since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996. She does, however, continue to serve as patron to a number of charities.

This list is only of current patronages.

Patron (1990- Present)

The Teenage Cancer Trust is a UK based charity. The charity works to help provide life changing care for teen with cancer. They have 28 specialty cancer units with expert staff in NHS hospitals. They also provide these teen and their families support.

Teenage Cancer Trust helps fund a portfolio of cancer research and policy. 

Princess Beatrice & Eugenie became patrons in 2016

Founder and Patron (1993 - Present)

Children in Crisis is a UK based charity that works to provided a quality education to children in poor, or conflicted countries. They mainly work in Asia and Africa.  They work to make quality education accessible to children, who often would not have access of the right to learn.

 The Charity also provides support to the families, through adult literacy, health education and maternal health programs. As well as working with communities to create sustained change. 

Patron (1996)

African Caribbean Leukemia Trust was founded in 1996 by the parent of Daniel De-Galet. Daniel was in need to a bone marrow transplant after battling from Leukemia. Since bone marrow contains racially specific characteristics, a compatible donor for Daniel would have to be black or mixed raced. Daniel received a bone marrow transplant in 1999, at age 12. He passed away in 2008, at the age of 21, after multiple organ failure. 

The Charity works to create awareness and raise the number of Black/Mixed Race bone marrow donors, as well as blood and organ donation. 

Patron (1996 - Present)

Springboard for Children is a UK based charity that provides children with one-on-one literacy teachers. These children are often struggling to learn to read, write, speak and listen.

Patron (2008 - Present)

The Mullany Fund is a UK based charity that helps to provide social mobility in the health care profession. The charity finances low-income medical and physiotherapy students through university. It has also created a mentor program.

The Mullany Fund was named after newlyweds, Ben and Catherine Mullany. Who had been gunned down during their honeymoon in 2008. They were both doctors. Sarah met the couples parents at the airport when they were returning the bodies to the UK.

Patron (2008?)

Elephant Family is an animal conservation charity founded in 2002. The Duchess of Cornwall's brother Mark Shand co-founded the charity.  Elephant Family works to protect endangered Asian elephants, with conservation projects across Asia. The Charity works to secure elephant and wildlife habitats, reduce human-elephant conflicts and promotes education programs in the UK about these endangered elephants.

Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles become Joint President of Elephant Family after the death of Camilla's brother Mark Shand, although they had supported the charity numerous times in the years previous. 

Camilla's sister Annabelle is also one of the Patrons of the charity. 

Co-founded (2012)

Key to Freedom is a project with the Women's Interlink Foundation started by the Duke of York after his visit to India in 2012. The Women's Interlink Foundation rescued women for vulnerable situations, often  at risk of human trafficking. These women are given shelter and taught to hand makes garments. The Key to Freedom project has helped these women market and distribute these products, to earn a live-able income.  

Key to Freedom products are currently being sold in Topshop and on Royal Collection Trust Shop's website. All Profit from these sales go directly to the women who produced this product, and the Women's Interlink Foundation.

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