Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas/New Years Speeches

Most of the European Monarchs give speeches sometime during the holiday season. We will link them here when they get posted, with English Translations, if they are not in English or subtitled. (All times are Local/London)

December 22nd -  Message for Al Mawlid Al Nabawi & Christmas
Christmas Eve Speeches
Christmas Day Speeches 
New Years Eve Speeches
New Years Addresses
  • Emperor Akihito of Japan
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  1. Was there anyone you wrote to that didn't send a reply at Christmas?

    1. I wrote to the Monarchs of Spain, Sweden, Norway, & Jordan and did not get replies from them. I also didn't get replies from a few of the UK Royals, the Yorks (I did Duchess Sarah) and Princess Anne.

    2. The Yorks I have never gotten a reply from but Princess Anne did reply almost right away at Christmas. I wrote a letter for Princess Beatrice of York for her birthday but I am not sure if I should mail it due to I never get a reply from them.

    3. This Christmas was the only time I haven't gotten a reply from the Yorks. Otherwise I've always gotten a reply for Birthdays and stuff.

    4. I am very interested in Royals. Every time I get a letter in the mail I get so happy! Also I have a small blog just to share what letters I receive