Sunday, 6 December 2015

Royal Styles

HM stand for His/Her Majesty. It is used by the monarch of a country, usually a King or Queen. 
  • If the Monarch is a King and his wife is Queen, she will often use HM as well. 
    • TM stand for Their Majesties.  It refers to two or more royals who use HM. 
  • If the Monarch is a Queen, since King outranks Queen, her spouse is usually titled Prince or Prince Consort and uses HRH. (Together they are referred to as Her Majesty and His Royal Highness.)
  • (Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg do not refer to their monarchs as His/Her Majesty.)
  • Most abdicated monarchs continue to use HM, however, some do not (e.g. Netherlands).

    HRH stands for His/Her Royal Highness. It is used by most of the European Royal families for members of the royal family. 
    • TRH stands for Their Royal Highnesses. It is used when you are talking about 2 or more royals with HRHs. 

    HSH stands for His/Her Serene Highness, It is used by Monaco & Liechtenstein, as well as a number of former Monarchies. HSH is the equivalent of HRH, although HSH is also used to address the monarch, where HRH is not.
    • TSH stands for Their Serene Highnesses. It is used when you are talking about 2 or more royals with HSHs. 
    • Sometimes you will see TT.SS.HH., it also means Their Serene Highnesses. 

    HH stands for His/Her Highness. This is used only by a few monarchies for a number of different reason. But usually to signify a family member who isn't granted the distinction "Royal" (Think children of the 2nd child of the Monarch).  (e.g. Denmark, Norway & Netherlands)

    HIM stands for His/Her Imperial Majesty. This is used only by a few monarchies to denote the Monarch or His spouse in an imperial family. (e.g. Japan)
    • TIM stands for Their Imperial Majesties.  It refers to two or more royals who use HIM. 
    • Although the Japanese Emperor and Empress often use HM instead. 
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    HIH stands for His/Her Imperial Highness. This is used only by a few monarchies to denote a member of the imperial family. (e.g. Japan)

    HI&RH stands for His/Her Imperial and Royal Highness. It is a combination of two Royals styles HIH & HRH. 

    • This style is used when someone belongs to two different royal families. One that uses HRH and one that uses HIH. 

    If you are even unsure of a royal's proper style or how you should address them feel free to ask. 


    1. How would I address someone without a title or rank, such as Zara and Mike Tindall?

      1. It depends on how formal you wanna get:
        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tindall
        Mr. & Mrs. Tindall.
        Zara & Mike TIndall