Sunday, 6 December 2015

Royal Styles

HM stand for His/Her Majesty. It is used by the monarch of a country, usually a King or Queen. 
  • If the Monarch is a King and his wife is Queen, she will often use HM as well. 
    • TM stand for Their Majesties.  It refers to two or more royals who use HM. 
  • If the Monarch is a Queen, since King outranks Queen, her spouse is usually titled Prince or Prince Consort and uses HRH. (Together they are referred to as Her Majesty and His Royal Highness.)
  • (Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg do not refer to their monarchs as His/Her Majesty.)
  • Most abdicated monarchs continue to use HM, however, some do not (e.g. Netherlands).

    HRH stands for His/Her Royal Highness. It is used by most of the European Royal families for members of the royal family. 
    • TRH stands for Their Royal Highnesses. It is used when you are talking about 2 or more royals with HRHs. 

    HSH stands for His/Her Serene Highness, It is used by Monaco & Liechtenstein, as well as a number of former Monarchies. HSH is the equivalent of HRH, although HSH is also used to address the monarch, where HRH is not.
    • TSH stands for Their Serene Highnesses. It is used when you are talking about 2 or more royals with HSHs. 
    • Sometimes you will see TT.SS.HH., it also means Their Serene Highnesses. 

    HH stands for His/Her Highness. This is used only by a few monarchies for a number of different reason. But usually to signify a family member who isn't granted the distinction "Royal" (Think children of the 2nd child of the Monarch).  (e.g. Denmark, Norway & Netherlands)

    HIM stands for His/Her Imperial Majesty. This is used only by a few monarchies to denote the Monarch or His spouse in an imperial family. (e.g. Japan)
    • TIM stands for Their Imperial Majesties.  It refers to two or more royals who use HIM. 
    • Although the Japanese Emperor and Empress often use HM instead. 
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    HIH stands for His/Her Imperial Highness. This is used only by a few monarchies to denote a member of the imperial family. (e.g. Japan)

    HI&RH stands for His/Her Imperial and Royal Highness. It is a combination of two Royals styles HIH & HRH. 

    • This style is used when someone belongs to two different royal families. One that uses HRH and one that uses HIH. 

    If you are even unsure of a royal's proper style or how you should address them feel free to ask. 


    1. How would I address someone without a title or rank, such as Zara and Mike Tindall?

      1. It depends on how formal you wanna get:
        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tindall
        Mr. & Mrs. Tindall.
        Zara & Mike TIndall

    2. What should I write on the envelope for the Addressee, if I want to write to Queen Letizia? HRH Queen Letizia and then the adress?

    3. Queen Letizia is HM (Her Majesty), not HRH (Her Royal Highness).

      You can write on the envelope:
      HM The Queen
      The Queen of Spain
      HM Queen Letizia
      Queen Letizia
      Su Majestad la Reina Letizia