Tuesday 1 December 2015

December Q&A (2015)

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

Question 1: Do you have any addresses for the members of the Romanian royal family? King Michael and Queen Anne live at Elisabeta palace but I'm not sure how to write the address?

Answer: I have never written to the Romanian Royal Family, but the address to write to a member of the Romanian Royal Family is: 

Palatul Elisabeta
Sos. Kiseleff 28
011347, Bucuresti 1

Question 2: Should I write 3rd December or 3 December?

Answer: You can write it either way, both is perfectly fine. 3rd December is a little more formal than 3 December.

The important thing about writing the date is you don't want it to be confusing. Part of the world, mainly USA, writes M/D/Y and Europe tends to writes D/M/Y. To solve this problem, write out the month, so that 12/3 , 12-3, or 3.12 is clearly December 3rd, not 12th March.

Question 3: Will the Cambridge spend Christmas at Sandringham?

Answer: The Cambridges will most definitely be celebrating Christmas with the Royals. That is what they usually do. We will see (at least William and Harry) at annual Christmas Eve Football match and then all of the Royals (minus children) walking to church Christmas Morning. 

However, the Cambridges will probably be staying at their home Anmer Hall, which is on the Sandringham Estate and 3 miles away Sandringham Castle. Sandringham has relatively small living quarters, so they can't always house all the royals at once.

Staying at Anmer Hall also means that there is plenty of room for the Middleton Family to visit.
There was one year, 2012, that the Cambridges spent Christmas with the Middletons in Bucklebury. In 2012, the Cambridges hadn't yet moved to Anmer Hall. They were still living in a small rented farmhouse in Anglesey, where William worked in the RAF. So, they had to make a choice between one family or the other for Christmas. 

They choose Bucklebury so that they could spend time with Catherine's family, as well as avoid some of the stresses of a full house of Royals at Sandringham. Christmas at Sandringham can be a bit formal and require a number of outfit changes a day, 5-7. Kate was pregnant with Prince George at the time and was suffering from HG. So she needed plenty of rest. 

Now that the Cambridges have their house at Sandringham, they can celebrate with both families. 

Question 4: Do royals have companies?

Answer: Yes, they have a number of companies. Below are just a example of a few.

Waitrose Duchy Organic - is a company that sell organic food to waitrose. All profits are paid to The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.
Ardent Productions - Before becoming a full-time working royal, Prince Edward had a production company, Ardent Productions which produced documentaries and drama. It has since been dissolved. 

Royal Collection Trust - is a company/charity that manages the the Royal Collection. It does not receive any public funding, instead it received income for admissions of the different royal palaces/castles. The incomes help support educational programs, the care and conservation of the collection, etc.  

Highgrove House shops - is a company that sell products for the home and garden. All profits are paid to The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.

William, Catherine and Harry all formed companies in protect their intellectual property rights in October 2012. They haven't really done anything with them yet. 

William's company - APL Anglesey
Catherine's company - CE Strathearn
Harry's company -  Tsessebe 

Question 5: Do the British people accept the Duchess of Cornwall or do they still hold animosity towards her due to the Diana situation? 

I'm just curious here in the states not a lot of people are fond of her?
Answer: Charles and Camilla have been married 10 years. I think people see them as a respectable couple now, they got married and have stayed faith to each other. This is a couple that has always been in love, but because of royal bureaucracy weren't allowed to marry back in the 1970's. They are also more equal in terms of age (1 year apart), and education (Camilla studied at the University of London Institute in Paris), than Charles was with Diana. 

I think people realize that Charles and Diana were never actually deeply in love. There was a 12 year age difference, and Diana had never gone to university. She worked in a nursery.   Diana was 19 when she got engaged, 20 when she married Charles. Prince Charles was 32, had a lot more life experience, and was being pressured to marry and have kids before he got too old. 

I think people in the State haven't taken the time to get to know Camilla. Just like with Duchess Sarah and the British Press, I think the American Press often loves to hate Camilla. Plus they are really only interested about the young, pretty royals.

Question 6: Do you like Kate's new hair cut?

Answer: I like it! It isn't really too much of a change, same style just a little shorter. I would love to see more of Catherine's natural curly hair. 

Question 7: Have you got any replies from Sweden recently?

Answer: No, I haven't gotten any recent replies. The Swedish royals usually just reply for major events, but they tend to be inconsistent. 

For example I wrote to Princess Madeleine when it was announced she was expecting her 2nd Child, Prince Nicolas and got a reply. But when I wrote for Crown Princess Victoria's pregnancy announcement or Princess Sofia's I didn't get a reply. I also didn't get a reply when I wrote to congratulate Princess Madeleine and Chris on Prince Nicolas's  birth. 

The 2nd reply I've gotten from the Swedish royals was for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's wedding.

I have written to King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia for Christmas, so we will see if I get a reply for that. 

You can check out all the letters I have blog post about here

Question 8: Are you going to write for all the royals birthdays in January?

Answer: No, not by a long shot. I don't write for everything. 

I will definitely write to Catherine and Charlene for their birthdays. For the most part I have written to most of these people for Christmas, so I don't see the point in writing again so soon. I may also write to Princess Beatrix (former Queen) of Netherlands for her birthday, since I didn't write to her for Christmas.  (I didn't)

I will be writing for King Harald's Silver Jubilee as well. 


  1. Michael and Anne do not live at Elisabeta Palace. They live in Switzerland. The King visits Romania on occasion -and probably will be spending Christmas at Savrasan with his family.

  2. http://www.euractiv.com/countries/romania-discreet-scent-monarchy-analysis-515175

    The Romanian government gave the royal family Elisabeta palace to use as their residence in 2001... It's pretty safe to say that they live there part of the time. I'm sure any mail sent there would be given to them or forwarded to them.

    1. The address given above is the mailing address listed on the Romanian Royal Families Official website, for how to connect them.