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Camilla's Official Patronages - Children & Young People

In a effort to kept things organized this section features only Duchess Camilla's Children & Young People patronages.  You can find links to all of her patronages here

President (October 2007)

Barnardo's was started in 1867 by Dr. Barnardo to help vulnerable children. They deal with a wide range of children's issues from fostering and adoption, young carers, sexual exploitation, poverty, and domestic violence. 

Queen Elizabeth II is Patron. 

Previous Patrons include: Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, and other royals. 
Previous Presidents include: Princess Mary Adelaide, Princess Diana, and other royals. 

President (April 2009)

Ebony Horse Club is a London Charity that takes inner-city children from South London and teaches them to ride horses. Horse ridding provides them with positive interaction with animals, as well as allow them to build confidence and courage. The charity also provides their children with mentoring.

Wicked Young Writers' Award
Patron (2010)

The Wicked Young Writers' Award is a youth and young peoples creative writing award founded by the musical Wicked. 

The award is in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, which Camilla is also a Patron of. 

Patron (December 2010)

The London Taxidrivers' Fund for Underprivileged Children is a UK based for charity for special needs children. They organize special outing for special needs children, from trips to the sea, zoo, etc. The charity raised money for the families, children's homes and hospitals that serve these special needs children.

The charity also provided for Taxi-drivers and their  families who have fallen on hard times. 
Patron (June 2014)

Jamie's Farm is a charity that works to re-engage at-risk students both educational and socially. They provide week-long residential stays at a farm. The children engage with animals, nature, and learn farming to build self-esteem, relationships and better behavior.

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