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Camilla's Official Patronages - Community

In a effort to kept things organized this section features only Duchess Camilla's Community patronages.  You can find links to all of her patronages here

Patron (2005)

Community First is a Wiltshire and Swindon based charity. They provides technical advice,  support and grants to initiatives in their community. They working with parish and town councils, youth clubs, community transport, voluntary organizations, etc. They focus on community development, support and access for what is largely a rural area. 
Emmaus UK 
Patron (2006)

Emmaus UK is a homeless charity. Emmaus was founded in Paris, in 1949. The first Emmaus community in the UK was founded in 1992 and the UK now has the largest Emmaus movement outside of France. Emmaus provides homeless individuals with shelter as well as a job at the local Emmaus community business (store, cafe, etc).  The job pays for their housing, food and upkeep, as well as provides each individual with a small weekly allowance. 

Emmaus UK works to not only provide for homeless individuals but to rebuild their lives by offering them meaningful work and support.

Patron (2007)

Crathie Opportunity Holidays is a Scottish charity. The charity hopes to provide people with a range of disabilities suitable holiday accommodations. The charity has a number of cottages in Crathie, designed to offer maximum accessibility, while maintaining the highest standard of accommodations. 

President and Patron (August 2007)

Shelterbox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to communities overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.

Patron (2009)

St. John's Hospital is a charity that provided disadvantaged people in Bath with accommodations and financial support.  

President (2011)

CleanupUK is a project to bring communities together to clean up litter. 

East Sussex Women of the Year Lunch
Honorary Patron (2011)

The East Sussex Women of the Year Lunch was created to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions, achievements and inspiration shown by women working in professional and voluntary roles in East Sussex. 

Patron (October 2012)

Guild of St. Bride is religious guild for St. Bride's Church in London. The Guild supports the church's wider work. Due to the Churches proximity to Fleet Street, it has a long association with London's journalists and newspapers.

Patron (2013)

The Big Lunch is a project to get communities together for a annual lunch on the first Sunday in June. It hopes to promote community, friendship and fun.

Patron (July 2013)

Friends of Erlestoke Prison is a English charity that supports the rehabilitation of prisoners who are or have been prisoners at HMP Erlestoke.  The Charity helps funds programs and initiatives that are beyond the scope of prison budgets, such as housing support workers, helping to foster relationships between inmates and their children, workshops, classes, etc. 

Camilla became patron in July 2013, for a initial 5 years. 

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