Saturday, 5 November 2022

Earthshot Prize Awards - 2021 Finalists & Winners

The Earthshot Prize to Protect and Restore Nature

  • Winners
    • The Republic of Costa Rica. 
      • A pioneering scheme paying local citizens to restore natural ecosystems that has led to a revival of the rainforest.
  • Finalists
    • Pole Pole Foundation, Democratic Republic of Congo. 
      • An inspiring community-led model of conservation that protects gorillas and local livelihoods.
    • Restor, Switzerland. 
      • A ground-breaking online platform connecting and empowering local conservation projects.
The Earthshot Prize to Clean Our Air
  • Winners
    • Takachar, India. 
      • A pioneering technology to create profitable products from agricultural waste and put a stop to the burning of crops.
  • Finalists
    • The Blue Map App, China. 
      • China’s first public environmental database enabling citizens to hold polluters to account.
    • Vinisha Umashankar, India. 
      • A 14-year-old innovator and activist who has designed a solar-powered ironing cart with the potential to improve air quality across India.
The Earthshot Prize to Revive Our Oceans
  • Winners
    • Coral Vita, Bahamas. 
      • A truly cutting-edge breakthrough in coral farming that can restore our world’s dying coral reefs.
  • Finalists
    • Living Seawalls, Australia. 
      • Innovative and replicable seawall panels bringing marine life back to coastal sea defences.
    • Pristine Seas, USA. 
      • An unprecedented global conservation programme protecting 6.5 million square km of the world’s ocean.
The Earthshot Prize to Build A Waste-Free World
  • Winners
    • The City of Milan Food Waste Hubs, Italy. 
      • A city-wide initiative that has dramatically cut waste while tackling hunger.
  • Finalists
    • Sanergy, Kenya. 
      • A circular sanitation solution that converts human waste into safe products for local farmers.
    • WOTA BOX, Japan. 
      • A tiny water treatment plant that turns 98% of wastewater into clean water.
The Earthshot Prize to Fix Our Climate
  • Winners
    • AEM Electrolyser, Thailand/Germany/Italy.
      • An ingenious green hydrogen technology developed to transform how we power our homes and buildings.
  • Finalists
    • Reeddi Capsules, Nigeria. 
      • Solar-powered energy capsules making electricity affordable and accessible in energy-poor communities.
    • SOLbazaar, Bangladesh. 
      • The world’s first peer-to-peer energy exchange network in a country on the front-line of climate change.

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