Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Royal Attendance Charts - Color Breakdown

In 2023, we hope to start adding more charts of attendance for royal events, especially foreign royal events.

I thought would explain why some charts are green and some are pink. We originally used Pink charts, to fit our blog's old color scheme. We recently switched over to a green color scheme and with the death of Queen Elizabeth II decided to keep charts showing attendance at UK Royal Events during Queen Elizabeth's reign in pink. And charts showing attendance in King Charles III's reign in green. 

We decided that it would be problematic to just make green the color of current monarchs & pink the color of past monarchs, as some Current Monarchs are at the end of their reign and will be replaced relatively soon. And some have only just begun their reign. 

We decided we would rotate through the colors, pink, green, and blue. Pink is used for all of the monarchs, who reigned as of November 2012 (10 years ago). We will then switch to green, blue, then pink again for each subsequent monarch. And will do the same for monarchs that came before (on the rare event we record something that far back). 

Country Blue Pink Green
Belgium - Albert II Philippe
Denmark - Margrethe II -
Liechtenstein Hans Adams II (Pre-Regency) Alois (Regent) -
Luxembourg - Henri -
Monaco - Albert II -
Netherlands - Beatrix Willem-Alexander
Norway - - Haakon VIII
Olav V Harald V -
Spain - Juan Carlos  Felipe VI
Sweden - Carl XVI Gustaf -
United Kingdom George V Edward IV
George VI Elizabeth II Charles  III

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