Saturday, 5 November 2022

Earthshot Prize Awards - 2022 Finalists & Winners

The Finalists were announced on November 4th. The Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on December 2nd. 

The Earthshot Prize to Protect and Restore Nature

  • Winner
    • Kheyti, India
      • A pioneering solution for local smallholder farmers to reduce costs, increase yields and protect livelihoods in a country on the frontlines of climate change.
  • Finalist
    • Desert Agricultural Transformation, China: 
      • A team developing cutting-edge agricultural breakthroughs to turn barren desert landscapes into lush, green ones.
    • Hutan, Malaysia
      • An inspiring conservation model that protects orangutans, supports local jobs and livelihoods and restores forests to their former greatness.
The Earthshot Prize to Clean Our Air
  • Winner
    • Mukuru Clean Stoves, Kenya: 
      • A start-up providing cleaner-burning stoves to women in Kenya to reduce unhealthy indoor pollution and provide a safer way to cook.
  • Finalist
    • The Ampd Entertainer, Hong Kong
      • An emission-free electric battery system to power construction and reduce pollution.
    • Roam, Kenya: 
      • An organisation building lower emission vehicles, making clean transportation accessible and affordable for urban cities on the African continent.
The Earthshot Prize to Revive Our Oceans
  • Winner
    • Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: 
      • An inspiring women-led programme that combines 60,000 years of indigenous knowledge with digital technologies to protect land and sea.
  • Finalist
    • The Great Bubble Barrier, Netherlands: 
      • Inventive and ingenious technique to intercept plastics before they reach oceans by creating a curtain of bubbles.
    • SeaForester, Portugal: 
      • A truly cutting-edge breakthrough in seaweed farming that can restore the ocean’s forgotten forests.
The Earthshot Prize to Build A Waste-Free World
  • Winner
    • Notpla, United Kingdom: 
      • A circular solution creating an alternative to plastic packaging from seaweed.
  • Finalist
    • City of Amsterdam Circular Economy, Netherlands: 
      • A city-wide initiative to establish a fully circular economy by 2050, wasting nothing and recycling everything.
    • Fleather, India: 
      • An innovative and regenerative approach to creating leather out of floral waste.
The Earthshot Prize to Fix Our Climate
  • Winner
    • 44.01, Oman: 
      • Childhood friends who have developed an innovative technique to turn CO2 into rock, and permanently store it underground.
  • Finalist
    • LanzaTech, USA: 
      • A circular solution that recycles carbon waste into sustainable fuels and everyday products.
    • Low Carbon Materials, United Kingdom: 
      • A new and innovative material that uses unrecyclable plastic waste to make traditional concrete blocks carbon-zero.

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