Monday, 21 November 2022

Royal Family Order - UK

The chart below shows everyone who received either Queen Elizabeth II's or King Charles III's honor, and the other Royal Family Orders they received. 

(I.e. We did not list out all the recepients of Edward VII, George V, or George VI, instead just focusing on those who received the honor during Elizabeth II or Charles III's reign). 
RoyalEdward VII
George V
George VI
Elizabeth II
Charles III
Queen Maryxxx1952
Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mum-xx1952
Princess Margaret-xx1952
Princess Mary, The Princess Royal -xx1952
Princess Alice,
The Duchess of Gloucester
Princess Marina-xx1952
Queen Elizabeth -xx-
Princess Alice---1952
Princess Alexandra--x 1952
Princess Diana---1981
Duchess Kathrine
--- 1961
Princess Anne--- 1969
Duchess Birgitte--- 1973
Countess Sophie--- 2004
Queen Camilla--- 2007
Princess Kate--- 2017
---- -

King Edward VIII did not have a Royal Family Order, during his 11th month reign. 

Dark Grey - ineligible to receive the honor as they were either not born yet, or had not yet married into the Royal Family. Or had died before the reign began. 

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