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The King’s Feast (Belgium) - Royal Attendance (2007-Present)

The King’s Feast (or Royal Holiday) is held in Belgium every November 15th (even if it falls on a weekend). The day is referred to in Belgium’s official languages as: Koningsdag (Dutch), Fête du Roi (French), Fest des Königs (German). 

The day was originally created as a celebration of King Leopold of Belgium’s name day. And continues as a celebration of the current Monarch. The King’s Feast is a federal holiday, but not a public holiday.

To mark The King’s Feast there are two main events:

The first is a Te Deum service held in the morning at the Cathedral of St. Michael & St. Gudula. The service is attended by members of the Royal Family. The King traditionally does not attend as the event is honoring him. 

The second event is a ceremony at Parliament where honors are bestowed onto citizens. This ceremony is usually attended by the same royals, who attended the Te Deum. 

Reign of King Philippe (2013-Present)

Unless otherwise noted the Royals attended both the Te Deum & Ceremony at Parliament. 

King Albertx

Queen Paolax
Princess Astrid x

Prince Lorenzx x

Prince Laurent
Princess Claire

2020- events were canceled due to the Pandemic 
2021 - events were scaled down due to the pandemic

King Albert x x
Queen Paola x
Princess Astrid x
Prince Lorenz x
Prince Laurent x x Te Deum
Princess Claire x Te Deum
445 4 5

2013 - Year King Albert Abdicated

Reign of King Albert II 

(Chart Showing 2007-2013)

Unless otherwise noted the Royals attended both the Te Deum & Ceremony at Parliament. 

Queen Fabiola x Te Deumx Just Te Deum?
Prince Philippe x
Princess Mathilde x
Princess Astrid x Just Te Deum?x
Prince Lorenz x Just Te Deum?x
Prince Laurent x
Princess Claire x
King Albert x

2008 - 15th Anniversary of King Albert's Accession

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